Mainstream is a progressive software development company with a straightforward philosophy.

  1. We listen carefully to understand your needs.
  2. We create elegant solutions expressed in code.
  3. We deliver results.



We have worked in a variety of environments, from small startup to large enterprise.

  • Engage shared purpose
  • Design for success
  • Develop working software
  • Deliver measurable value
  • Commit sustainable quality

Mainstream understands that software development is not just about writing code. Effective programming is a multi-disciplinary activity which starts with good communication. We have extensive experience in requirement gathering and take pride in our ability to distil the essential elements. Domain-driven design is succesfully applied to manage complexity over time. Having worked on multi-year projects for several customers, we are confident in our ability to continually deliver value. Our portfolio includes both enterprise and web applications and mobile phone applications are currently in development. While much of the software we have built is used in the financial services sector we are also comfortable in other industries.


Mainstream is always looking for skilled developers that share our ethos. We create software using powerful tools, constantly honing our craft, refining our methods and improving our skills. We prefer small, effective teams and take pride in adding real value.

Send us a link to your portfolio and get in touch.